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Minho          PORT | ENG


Was born in the state of Sergipe. He lived in the city of Estância, until his 15 years of age when he decided to move to the capital city of the state - Aracaju - to start working and continue his studies.


He learned Marketing Management  at McDonald`s Coorporation Brazil, and studied Theology for 4 years. He is a Bachelor in Audiovisual Arts and New Medias, with a Fine Arts major and certified Art-Educator by  

the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi | Laureate International Universities in São Paulo - SP | Brazil.

He lived in the city of Madrid, Spain, to study abroad at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, returning to Brazil

in the year of 2011.


Currently he is a Post-graduate student of the Art Therapy course at UNESP and preparing his master's research in Cultural Studies at USP.


Minho already held positions in large schools such PRIMA Montessori School of Sao Paulo, Colegio Santa Maria, Stance Dual School and at Monica's School - International School Ltda in the capital city of São Paulo, where he lives for the moment.

The following are artistic events and projects executed at UAM campus:


> X+x=X²,

> Na Rede,

> Puro Desejo,

> Corpo desconexo,


Minho had been involved in others art exhibitions with his paintings and photographs series.


Nowadays, you can find part of his artworks in private collections in Brazil, United States of America, Mexico,
Spain and Canada.


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